Top 10 Anti-aging eye tips

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1. Stop overplucking your eyebrows!

Most of my clients over-plucked in the 60s and prematurely lost the arch of their eyebrows. Brows are a minefield: too heavy, and they can emphasise dark circles; too long, and they can drag the face down. Best to go to a professional.

2. My eyelashes love a perm

Unfortunately, our eyelashes flatten and shorten with age. Lash perming makes my eyes look wider and is more effective than using metal eyelash curlers (which always seem to drop after a couple of hours).

3. Stop using so much eye cream!

The skin around the eye is prone to crepiness because it doesn’t have enough oil glands to lock in precious moisture. But go slow: thin eyelid skin absorbs eye cream almost too quickly and can cause puffiness and even sagging; heavier mineral oil-based eye creams can cause milia.

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4. Dark circles: are you getting enough sleep?

Our micro-circulation slows down when we’re tired: blood collects in the tiny vessels under the eyes, which shows even more through thin, pale skin. Unfortunately, dark circles worsen with age because the top of the cheekbone drops and creates a hollow.
No eye cream in the world can change your bone structure, but I recommend a retinol-based eye cream to stimulate collagen and thicken the skin.

5. Puffiness: say no to salt and takeaways

Blame dehydration for puffiness so cut down on coffee, alcohol, and salt. Try sleeping on an extra pillow so gravity can help drain any water trapped in fat pads around the eyes.
Another trick: wait half an hour after putting on eye cream before going to bed; if you lie down flat straight away, it can travel into the eye area and cause puffiness.

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6. Bin your aviator sunglasses

Clients don’t realise that they can (and should) apply sunscreen all over their lids, right up to the lashes – a good quality one won’t cause puffiness or stinging. 

Choose wide sunglasses to shield as much of the delicate eye area as possible and avoid metal frames that will reflect UVA rays onto the top of the cheekbones and cause sunspots. UVA rays thin the skin, making dark circles even more obvious and fading eye colour, especially blue eyes.

7. Only surgery will get rid of eye bags

From about thirty, ligaments around the eyes weaken, and the skin starts to sag. Ignore marketing claims – no eye cream can get rid of these eyebags. 

8. Limit your screen time

The longer you spend staring at your computer, the more chance you’ll develop squint lines. I know that you are busy but visit an optician regularly. My most high maintenance client is constantly squinting because she is too vain to get glasses.

9. Highlighter settling in fine lines under the eye?

Mix your highlighter with an eye gel/serum (not a rich eye cream) to stop it from drying out and settling into fine dehydration lines.

10. Only Botox can prevent crow’s feet

Eye creams can keep the delicate eye area hydrated, so lines don’t show as much, but won’t prevent them. Sorry.

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